DH World Cup #3 – FORT WILLIAM


Our riders did well during the 3rd  DH WC in Fort William !


Just like in Val Di Sole, the qualification races were promising with our two Kiwi riders in the top 10 (Sam Blenkinsop 5th, Cam Cole 9th), Loïc Bruni 16th, Patrick Thome in the Top 30.  On D day Patrick Thome, who was the first to ride, did even better and finished 22nd – a great result that will undoubtedly encourage him for the rest of the season.  


Loïc Bruni’s riding towards his 3rd victory in the Junior category.
It is now Cam Cole’s ride, who starts the race in the Scottish fog on a slippery ground. He has a solid run and finishes close to the top5.

Blenky has to beat Aaron Gwin’s time  4:48.210 to win, but even though his run was really good, he was slightly slower than his team mate Cam Cole.

Finally, Cameron Cole got the best result of the team(10th) closely followed by Sam Blenkinsop (12th). Loïc Bruni is ranked 16th place and remains the leader in the Juniors. Patrick Thome finished 22nd and proved he’s riding everyday a bit faster.


It seems the new 2013 DH gave wings to our pilots… 

Photo credits : Colin MEAGHER


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