The New Overvolt: SO Watt!


Overvolt Full suspension Overvolt Hardtail

The new Lapierre electric bike: the Overvolt! With the new all-powerful Bosch motor & 400 watt battery, coupled with 140mm of travel front and rear, this beast will get you up and down everything! Very powerful, the motor combines liveliness with a steady power output. With perfect precision it adjusts the performance level to the effort of the cyclist, to deliver assistance adapted to all types of terrain and to all speeds, from flat to steep, and from gentle to turbo. The battery has 2-3 hours of autonomy, enabling rides of 30-90km (depending on the terrain and the mode chosen).


  • What is the Lapierre Overvolt?

• First and foremost a real MTB, that’s fun to ride.
• High-tech electronic assistance system.
• Powerful and precise product.
• A bike developed with the end-user in mind.
• A bike that makes MTB accessible to everyone.
• Geometry for comfort and stability .
• 27.5” wheels for superb grip and ease over obstacles.

2 versions:
- Full-suspension: 140mm of travel front and rear. 21.8kg.
- Hardtail: 120mm of travel. 20.2kg.

The very best of MTB technology with the latest electronic assistance technology.


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