Innovation is not a word to take lightly. It’s not something that we decide to put in place from one day to the next. Since our very beginnings in MTB, we have prioritised pushing the limits of performance. Our technologies are more than a name attached to each product. The development of new materials (aluminium, carbon, Supreme 6, …), suspension kinematics (FPS+, OST+), electronics (e:i Shock Auto), design (Aero technology) have one objective: optimise the performance of your bike and the fun of the ride!

Our technologies are approved by the worlds’ best riders.  But we’re not going to sit back and rest on our laurels. It’s not a coincidence that our investments in research and development increase every year. To ensure our products reach perfection Nicolas Vouilloz, 10 times world champion, has been perfecting our MTBs for 10 years; and Team, one of the very best road teams have worked on the development of all high end road technologies for over 12 years.

Whether you are looking for performance, pleasure, comfort, or getting away from it all, there will be a Lapierre for you. Our technological innovations have one goal: make the road better for you.